About Siamese Cats
The Siamese are a very old and traditional breed, which has been around for many years. Being talkative extroverts, they do so very much enjoy the companionship of their own breed; two are always,without a doubt, better than one! The Siamese also love human company. While they are very inclined to choose one special person in the household to devote themselves to, they will seek out anyone available for attention and a cuddle. They repay all affection a hundredfold and often shadow their humans around the house, curious to know what they’re doing and never happier than when they can “help”. Their personality is definitely lively, entertaining, talkative, inquisitive and sometimes a little mysterious. Should the owners be out at work all day, leaving the Siamese without the companionship of its own breed or humans, they could become lonely, bored or sometimes less careful with soft furnishings than you might wish!
This is not out of any innate destructiveness, so much as their need, when wakeful, to be playful, inquisitive and active.

The Siamese is the most popular short haired cat in the world and is easily recognised because of its long, sleek body, triangular face, blue eyes and their unusual coat pattern. The colour of their coat is usually lighter on their neck and body and a lot darker on its face, ears, feet and tail, called “points.” That’s why Siamese cats have a striking appearance and is easily identifiable.

Most people don’t know that Siamese cats are actually born white and that the “darker points” appear later as it grows older. They are also genetically a black cat but the colour only appears at its pointed areas.

There are several different colours of this breed: the seal point, chocolate point, blue point and lilac point, as well as markings that range from tabby point to fawn point. There are also two styles to a Siamese cat: the traditional, or apple-headed with a more compact, robust body type. The other is the modernised triangle shape head with a long and slender body type.

The Siamese is also known and famous for their personalities and temperament. They are the most social breed of cats out there. They have a talent for communication with people, unlike other breeds. If you want a quiet cat, this breed is not for you. They are very demanding vocal cats and are known for this and can be very loud and annoying at times. Some people do find it charming. They are also known to be very active, playful, intelligent, and love to investigate everything. They don’t like to be left alone or unattended because they get easily bored. This can get them into trouble or they can get destructive just to get attention or some interaction from you. Since in their minds, the world revolves around them and they can get quite dependent on their owners. They really hate being left all alone by themselves.

Although these cats are emotionally high maintenance, at least, they don’t need a lot of grooming. This involves maybe bathing every once in a while and brushing once or twice a month-very minimal maintenance since their hair is so short, you just need to gently brush them.

The life span for Siamese cats are around 15-20 years or even longer, similar to other cat breeds. They just need attention, food, water, and regular checkups and booster injections at the vet, and they will be around for years to come and will become your life long companion. They are great pets and are great with kids.

Should this type of companion be what you are looking for, then the Siamese may be for you. If, however, you are looking for a quieter, more laid-back and less energetic cat, then a different breed will be more appropriate

Seal Point
Blue Point
Lilac Point
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