Queen - Samara
This is my beautiful Blue point siamese girl.

She has a very inquisitive loving nature and is always scampering around the house getting into mischief.
I also aim to enter her into GCCF cat shows as she has great potential.

I was lucky to get Samara from a Lady in Wrexham and now can't imagine the house without her now.

Blue Point colouring:
The Blue Point Siamese is related genetically to the Seal Point, being a 'dilute' or in other words, paler version of the darker, brownish-black Seal.

Blue Point coloring is cold-toned and grey. Their points are deep slate-grey-blue (faces, ears, tail, paws, nose leather and paw pads), with bluish-white, cold-toned fur.

Occasionally you may find Blue Points with lighter, silvery-blue points rather than slate-grey ones, but they always tend to be darker and bluer than the pinkish-toned Lilac Point.

A Blue Point's coat (like that of a Seal Point) will tend to darken with age, unlike that of a Lilac Point which stays white throughout their life.
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Samara at 14 weeks
Pedigree Certificate
GCCF Registration Certificate
Samara at 14 Weeks