Stud - Naoki
This is my handsome Baby Lilac oriental boy - stud.

He is a gorgeous little boy, so very friendly and loving. He is always playing and scampering around and into everything. He loves chasing his little toy mice around and running through his play tunnel.

I was very lucky to get him from a lovely lady in Shropshire and he is an absolute delightful boy to have.

Havana and Oriental Lilac colourings

The Breed Standard for the Havana asks that the coat is ‘rich warm chestnut brown’ which is neither dark nor cold toned. The nose leather, eye rims and paw pads are brown or pinkish-brown. There is no doubt that on the showbench there is a considerable range of colour in the Havana, and the majority fall within the range of acceptability, though there are some that are so dark they could almost be mistaken for black! The ideal coat colour in an adult has warmth and richness and is only sufficiently dark so that ghost markings are not immediately obvious.

(click here for a description of Breed Numbers)
Naoki at 14 Weeks
(7 Months Old)