Pedigree Certificate
Retired Queen - Malee
GCCF Registration Certificate
This was my beautiful Seal point siamese queen.

She has a very loving nature and was always following me around the house.
She liked to sit on the top seat of her scratch post watching everything going on, she still is very much the aristocrat of the siamese world.
She liked to rugby-tackle my ankles as i run up the stairs and always greeted me good morning with her loud purring.

I was lucky to get Malee from a Lady in Banbury and very happy to say she is enjoying her new home.

Seal Point colouring:
Seal point Siamese cats have very dark, almost black, seal-brown points, with facial mask, ears, tail, paws, nose leather and paw pads all the same color.

Of all the colorpoints, they have the widest variation in body color. At a young age they might be a pale cream, but seal points tend to change with age.

Malee at 14 Weeks
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