Retired Stud - Khufu
This is my adorable Chocolate point Siamese boy - He was to be my new stud for 2014 - But plans have now changed and he is enjoying his new home.

He was such a gently boy and very loving, he craved human attention.
He loved sitting on the back of the sofa watching all that was going on and never stops purring. He was very vocal and quick to let me know when he needed attention and lots of cuddles.

I was lucky to get him from a lady in Felixstowe. He came from a good pedigree with Champion lines.

Chocolate Point colouring:
Chocolate Points generally have ivory-white fur which stays pale throughout their lifetime.

This differs from Seal Points, whose coats tends to darken as they get older. Seal Points sometimes end up with very dark coats indeed!

Occasionally, though, you may find a Chocolate Point Siamese with a cinnamon tone to their coat.
This is set off by warm-toned milk-chocolate coloured points (facial mask, ears, tail, and paws). Their nose leather and especially their paw pads have a pinkish undertone

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Khufu at 10 Weeks